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By Rob984, ByStaJ – Location European nation states.svg, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=39878280

This content was submitted by Alex Lagoda, a popular performer at the Harrisonburg International Festival. He plays the bandura, a Ukrainian instrument that combines the musical characteristics of the lute and the harp.

Michael Feifer and Alex Lagoda performing at the 2018 Harrisonburg International Festival

Music & Dance (+ lots of images of Ukrainian art, dance, food, traditional dress, & destinations!)

Cold Ravine’s version of the Ukrainian folk classic “You Fooled Me,” a song about a young man that gets stood up on dates over and over again.

This is Cold Ravine’s version of a western Ukrainian folk song about a young woman who is compared to a cold, windy, autumn rain.

This is Cold Ravine’s version of a folk song about a Kozak who leaves on a long journey and asks a falcon to fly and send a message to his sweetheart.

This is a traditional song played by kobzars on the bandura. It is based on a poem by Taras Shevchenko in which he describes a Kozak leader and his men.

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