We are Diversity Step Team and are based at Staunton High School in Staunton, VA. A group of highly motivated high school girls have learned the art of Stepping, which is a form of body percussion that relies primarily on sounds the body can make to produce many different rhythms. Stepping traces back to the rich culture of South Africa; specifically, its beginnings can be found in the African American slave community as a means of communication and a way in which to keep their African culture alive. Gumboot dances and call-and-repeat folk songs later merged with the military march sounds of black world war 2 veterans, Motown grooves, and hip-hop energy to create a more nuanced art form. The 1960’s popularized Stepping as black Fraternities and Sororities embraced this art form on college campuses. Since then, it has been embraced and enjoyed by countries and cultures all around the world.


Stepping with Diversity Step Team