Harrisonburg International Festival Theme Options:

Go to Appearance, then HIF Options









There you’ll find options that will be used throughout the theme:


[siteorigin_widget class=”SiteOrigin_Widget_Image_Widget”][/siteorigin_widget]


WordPress has a way of adding content specified by a developer, into your page’s Content.  To learn more about short-codes check out this explanation.

Available Shortcodes for Harrisionburg International Festival Theme:

  • [hif_sponsor_sidebar year="2015"]
    • This will show the carousel of all the sponsors. (Like on the Homepage Sidebar)
    • year (Optional).  Whether to include all sponsors or just a certain year.
  • [hif_level_sponsors platinum diamond gold silver bronze friend]
    • This will show the Sponsors separated by Sponsorship level.  It will only include the levels included as parameters.  For example, above will show all the sponsors for: Platinum, Diamon, Gold, Silver, Bronze & Friend
    • levels (At least one)
  • [hif_year_sponsors year="2015"]
    • This will show the Sponsors separated by Sponsorship level. It will only include sponsors for the year shown.
    • year (required) – The year to show sponsors for.
  • [show_news]
    • This will show all news articles. Shouldn’t need to use this other than on the News Page.


For Galleries.  See the WordPress instructions here.

Plugins used in this site that you need to know about:

  • PageBuilder  Please Watch This Video! and follow the instructions if you don’t know how to use. This is an awesome tool used on all the pages.
  • WP Gallery Custom Links –  This allows us to put in external links on galleries.  Super helpful!