A few years after I arrived in the United States with my brother, I had the idea of starting my own business. My brother has been trying to get me to start my own business for so long. He was the first person who encouraged me to start. Since I studied as a business major in university back in my country, I thought it would be a great idea too. Throughout my time in America, there have always been different struggles that didn’t allow me to start my own business. Finally, last year when a friend was selling their business, we decided to take the chance and buy it from him. I have always been involved in the cosmetology field. I used to help my friends when I was in university for no charge because it was a fun hobby for me and I enjoyed helping my friends. I have also taken a few courses in the cosmetology field. So, it was definitely the perfect opportunity for me to buy and start this business!

I also wanted to start this business to better serve our customers and community. Since the population of Kurdish and Arabic families has greatly risen in our area and I can speak both Kurdish and Arabic, I have been able to do just that. A large majority of our customer base does not speak English, so they are very happy that they can come to us and tell as exactly what they want and be able to explain it to someone who understands.

We still offer most all of our services for women and men such as hair cuts, hair color and waxing. We offer very affordable prices, less than any other barber.

Our hours are 11 AM – 7 PM but we are very flexible and work with our customer’s schedules. For example, if someone asks for a hair cut around 8, we are willing to open the shop for them. We always accept customers, no matter what.

Naza Salon & Barbershop

34 Miller Cir, Harrisonburg, VA 22801

(703) 731-7356

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Reprinted by permission from the Kurdish American Youth Association

Naza Salon & Barbershop – Shawn & Salwa Mahdi